© Adam Dixon. Does this actually do anything? Like, does this actually mean something in legal terms to add copyright to your site, or is this just something we all do because we aren’t sure and it feels better to cover our bases? Plus, like, what is it copyrighting? The portfolio images? or is it copyrighting the site design? Can you do that? Aren’t most sites basically just the same thing these days? What are websites anyways? Aren’t we all just here to find links to instagram profiles? I linked to my instagram profile just above this. It’s the link that says “instagram”. If you click it you can follow me. You should definitely follow me on instagram. I read an article once about how social media engagement is vital for building your personal brand. Doesn’t it suck that people are brands now? We used to just be people named like Steve and we were usually just here to make friends and look at sports stats. But, now everyone is named something insane like Daenerys Targaryen (dani for short) and we’re “influencers” who have to post our every move for each others’ entertainment, and for some reason we care and like that other people go on vacation. What is this fake economy of likes that we have created and why does it mean so much to all of us? We could just go to a Phoebe Bridgers concert and enjoy it, but instead, we go and share videos with peaked-out audio on our stories for likes and engagement. What are we building? Why is every move so calculated? I’m not the first to think this. Throw a rock and you’ll hit someone ranting about “always being on our phones.” I don’t super recommend throwing rocks though. If you did hit someone they may try to citizens arrest you for a hate crime or something. Instead, I think we should all just be really chill with each other while not throwing rocks around. I don’t know man. Just seems like there's a lot going on right now and we could all probably use a break. You know? Well anyway. This is the bottom of my website. I hope you liked all the pictures and stuff. I had a good time making the pictures for you to look at which is all that really matters, but if you liked the pictures a lot you should definitely get in touch and I can make some pictures for you to use for business. OH MY GOD. Are pictures all there really are in the world? Like money is just pictures that are worth money. If you have twenty dollars you really just have twenty pictures. If you want, you can trade enough pictures for an Ipad that lets you look at more pictures. Crazy. Well anyways feel free to hire me to make pictures for you. In return, I will ask for some other pictures, so that I can spend those pictures on other pictures that I can eat to stay alive allowing me to look at and create more pictures. If you decide to steal my pictures without my permission, and if this copyright thing means anything I may be forced to take legal action and sue you for pictures. Anyways I think this site is covered under copyright.